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Pick3 sytems
Pick3 sytems Pick3 sytems  

Is Pick3Edge just another system?

Absolutely NOT! The reason I'm so emphatic about that, is because NO single system can win over a long period of time. This is just a fact. If you hear somebody tell you they have a "secret" system, they are lying. The Pick3Edge is a combination of 50 of the most commonly used systems and strategies by top Pick 3 players explained step-by-step for any skill level. The over arching "system" of Pick3Edge is the tracking of these systems and strategies in your own local lottery, seeing the ones that are HOT and using them as a type of validation or filter for the combinations you get. You end up with a small manageable set of numbers that will HIT.

I'm new to the Pick 3, will I be able to understand it?
Pick3Edge is EXTREMELY easy to use by ANY player at ANY skill level. For beginners, the Pick3Edge explains the game from a fundamental level walking you through each of the systems and strategies step-by-step. There are even a few that are so easy and powerful that you don't even need to write them down, so you can do them while you are actually standing at the counter.

I've been playing for years, what could you
possibly show me?
This actually sounds like something I would write if I saw this site. Ok, first the fact that I know from reading the home page, you know that what I'm saying here makes sense. So hopefully there is not a qualification issue. Next, this was brought about by my own need for a single repository for all of the systems that I had, all of the number breakdowns, strategies and terms. I USE THIS BOOK MYSELF. Most advance players have heard of a lot of the systems and strategies in this book. However, most of them don't fully understand how to implement the systems or they do understand while they are doing the system, but then quickly forget after the system goes cold for a while. This book will drastically reduce the relearning curve for all of the systems and keeps them right at your fingertips. Simply put, if you do not have a copy of this book, you are wasting time and losing out HITS.

How did you come up with 50?
YEARS and YEARS of studying and many friends with whom I share ideas. Actually, there were over 200 systems and strategies I had laying around. Some were complete flops and a total waste of time, some hit periodically and some are just plain AWESOME. Using a real Pick 3 lottery history file, each of the systems were diligently and rigorously tested against it. In order to even be considered for inclusion, the systems had to show a profitable return within a given time frame. In all, there were over 12 other criteria used in selection process, so that only the "Cream" rose to the top...these are the 50 EDGES you will find in this book. Make no mistake about it, this is very real.

Will there be other Pick3Edge books?
Well going through the first edition of this book, took a tremendous amount of time. However, writing a book that is this specific and comprehensive on the Pick 3 daily game, has turned a lot of head in the "underground" and is creating a lot of interest from more and more players. As the marketing of this book starts to saturate and penetrate, more and more serious players will be getting involved to help with a second version...in future. While not a replacement for Original Pick3Edge book, any future editions will play on the groundwork the original book has already laid out.

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Pick3 sytems