Clumps (aka keyhole)

This is a quick free Pick 3 lottery system that can be done with little time or effort. What you are doing is looking for a cluster of numbers within the last 5 Pick 3 draws. As in the example below, from dates 1/9 – 1/13 there are a couple of “clumps” . There is no order to the way the numbers are obtained, just looking over the most obvious ones should give you the winner. So looking at the Pick 3 numbers in the date range you get 801, 804, 580, 219, 290, 504, 621. Then on 1/14 480 hit.

While this system shows promise, the best and only time suggested to play this would be when you have these number clumps whih are generally brought on by repeating double numbers in the last 5 day history file( like the 88 and 00 on 1/9 and 1/10) as well as a repeating digit in the same position (like the repeating 1 in the second on 1/11 and 1/12).


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