So what are Even Odd Pairs? They are the Pick 3 lottery 2 digits numbers that are either both even or both odd numbers. Here is a list of all the Even and Odd pairs.


The first thing you want to do is make a chart similar to the one below. Track all the even and odd pairs, including the doubles (marked by a D). What you are looking for is the most overdue Pick 3 pairs or the Pick 3 pairs that have not hit in a while. In the Pick 3 lottery history file below we would ideally want to go back another month. For now, 02 24 28 13 17 pairs are the most due.

The most overdue pair usually tends to come up as an all EVEN or all ODD number.

So if you tracked back far enough and found 02 was the most overdue pair, you would play: 402, 602 and 802 Boxed.

Also, if you are using the doubles method and feel doubles are coming, add in these numbers, 002 and 022 Boxed.

Finally, if neither of the all ODD or all EVEN (doubles or not) have not hit in 4 draws PLAY ALL!!

An example of an all EVEN and all ODD pairs Chart.


Using the example above of the 02 pair. We would have played the 02 as 024, 026 and 028

On 2/17/06 the 02 pair Hit as 402, an All EVEN combination.

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