Repeating Number

The basic rule says that 1 numbers frequently repeats from the previous nights draw. From tracking the history file below we see that’s basically reliable.


Now, a closer look into the system shows that there is another pattern you can use to narrow the numbers down further.

Look at the history file and use the last number to hit, 158 (1/30/06)
Break the number up into its individual numbers and columns

ONLY look for the First position number to repeat in the First or Second position


ONLY look for the Second position number to repeat in the First, Second or Third position.


ONLY look for the Third position number to repeat in the Second or Third position.


Now if we look at the history file we notice that from where we left off tracking both 8 repeated from the Position3 to position2 and 5 repeated from Position2 to Position1on 1/30 – 1/31


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