Parallel Pairs

In Parallel pairs you are looking to get two Pick 3 lottery pairs that will hit as a full number in the following week.

The beginning of our Pick 3 lottery history file has a lot of double numbers and this is not a favorable condition for tracking parallel pairs. A good rule of thumb would be, “if you have 2 or more doubles in both the Recent and Furthest weeks, pass on the pairs”.

What does Recent and Furthest weeks mean? Well that’s part of the system. So lets get started.

You want to start by tracking back two weeks, Sunday through Saturday, below we used Sun 1/08 – Sat 1/14 as the Furthest week back and Sun 1/15 – Sun 1/21 as the Recent week back.


Next you list the recent weeks number over the furthest weeks number.
For example:


Do this for the next week to find the pairs for that day.


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