Zig-Zag Patterns

Here is an alternate way of looking for repeating patterns in the Pick 3 Lottery. Typically, you would look for repeating patterns of 4+ numbers with the same characteristics (i.e. odds, evens, high lows or HELO’s as they are called as in the example below) in the same position ( tracking by column).
Typical 4+ High/Low Even/Odd tracking chart for Pick 3 lottery

h = high number (56789)
l = low number (01234)
o = odd number
e = even number


4+ low numbers in a row shown in red

However, a more unknown way to track is to look for Pick 3 lottery patterns that Zig-Zag. You will notice that they follow the same criteria as the straight patterns and can be ripe for a hit when the straight patterns are cold.


Zig-Zag patterns have to follow a left or right movement.

They can start in the middle column, but must move to the end columns from that point.

Now looking at the available patterns involving the High Low & Even Odd we know that you can have the following 64 options (listed below) and as with the Straight patterns, the Zig-Zags, once determined can cut the available options down by half (or 32 possible HELO’s).



These are obviously to be used with another system. They are an excellent filter when you are trying to determine the position of a straight play. Or when you just need the reassurance that an all even, all odd, all high, or all low combinations is due or not.

The following Draw (2/1) the 3 in the first Hit as Low Odd.

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