In the Pick 3 lottery The term “Vtracs” is comprised of “V” for variable and “tracs” for tracking. So when you talk about Vtracs, you’re talking about tracking variables.

Vtracs are 1-5 actual lottery #s are 0-9. Therefore, to translate #s into vtracs you must combine numbers.


The last number in January was 586

5 = V1, 8 = V4, 6 = V2, so 586 = 142 in Vtracs. Now go through your Pick 3 lottery history and plot out the last month of Vtracs. Below we are using our history file.


Now there are a lot of interesting patterns that start to emerge from this kind of tracking.

Patterns from Position 1
Results of the First Position show Vtrac 4 as being the most due not only as the furthest one to have hit (4), but also the most infrequent in the whole history file. Vtrac 5 is definitely hot showing almost twice as many times (10) as the other Vtracs. So Vtrac 4 and Vtrac 5 are the ones to play. Normally, you would look for a third, but Vtrac1 & 2 are equal with (6) shows each, choosing one is difficult and so you should just not be played right now.

Patterns from Position 2
Results of the Second Position show Vtrac 3 as the Most Due with only (4) hits, and Vtrac 4 as the Hot with (9) hits in the last month. Vtrac 2 is showing (7) hits and is the second hottest number so include that. Note that you could also do the most due in the history if it was not the same as the lowest number of times a Vtrac hit.

Patterns from Position 3
Results for the Third Position Show Vtrac 2 as the Most Due here with only (3) hits in the last month and Vtrac 3 is the Hottest with (8) hits. Vtrac 1 while being a hot Vtrac with (7) hits last month is also considered the most due out with its last show almost 9 draws ago.

Given the above analysis, your Vtrac for the next draw would be

Position 1
Vtrac 4 = Numbers 3, 8vtrax3
Vtrac 5 = Numbers 4, 9

Position 2
Vtrac 3 = Numbers 2, 7
Vtrac 4 = Numbers 3, 8
Vtrac 2 = Numbers 1, 6

Position 3
Vtrac 2 = Numbers 1, 6
Vtrac 3 = Numbers 2, 7
Vtrac 1 = Numbers 0, 5


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