As with all Pick 3 lottery systems, back check this one through your states history file first to see if it is Hot or not. You will be tracking on a week by week basis. So grab a Pick 3 number that fell at the beginning of the week (Monday or Sunday) and after doing the rundown play the numbers for the coming week (7 days). For the example below we will use 1/18/06 number, 535.

First, you do the rundowns +1, & -1. Remember to use Pick 3 Lottery Math (Do not borrow, do not carry.)


Stop at the point where you have gone down +1, -1 , 4 numbers down from the original number. You use the original number of 535, and then you go to the bottom numbers of the +1, -1 workout, which are 979 & 191 and you stack them in that order.

So you have the following stack:

Now, add +5 to all the numbers in the stack you created (no borrow, no carrying):
535 5+5=0 3+5=8 5+5=0 080
424 4+5=9 2+5=7 4+5=9 979
646 6+5=1 4+5=9 6+5=1 191

So now you have 2 stacks to work with:
535 080
979 424
191 646

Choose your numbers (6 way boxed combinations) out of these stacks.

Typically, I use the Stack with the +5 results. But you can use both or maybe just the front. Try it in your state to see what is working best.

Additionally, try waiting till you see a duplicate numbers in the stacks. For example, in the +5 stack the combination 408 would be considered a duplicate number because you can get to it by:
080 080
424 or by: 424
646 646

Some other combinations you can find by using this method are: 408, 464, 842, 424, 826.

In the following example of the historical draw file for Pick 3 lottery in FL 06 you see the Yellow highlights are the numbers used for the rundowns. Next to them are the rundowns and the 2 stacks are in the boxes on the right of each rundown ( the +5 stacks on the far right).

You will notice that the Plus5 Stacks hit both times.


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