Here is the WARNING to look out for in this Pick 3 lottery system.

ZERO in a 6 way number

For example: XX0 , X0X or 0XX.

When this happens, look for the other digits to show up in a double in the next draw or two.

OK, let say 703 falls. You would look for 77X 7XX or 3XX 33X to hit within a few days.

Sometimes the sister numbers will hit 2xx 22x 88x 8xx

Remember sister numbers are 0 = 5, 1 = 6, 2 = 7, 3 = 8, 4 = 9

If a double number falls and the numbers in it have not hit with a zero in over a week, then look for those numbers to fall with a zero soon!

For example, if 889 hit… and there was no warning for it. Meaning no Zero hit with the 8 or 9 at least a week prior

Then look for a 09 or 08. to hit soon!

Example of First Warning Zero preceding Doubles


Example of Second Warning


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