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These Pick 3 lottery systems are free for you to use. They are only for fun and are meant to save you from trying to “reinvent the wheel”. There have been many of us that have spent a lot… I MEAN A LOT of time hammering out these Pick 3 Lottery systems. So use them as a starting point in your Pick 3 lottery research.

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Friends and Fellow Lottery Players,

I just had to let you know that
I’m now winning $250 – $1000+ a DAY…

But not by playing the Pick 3 lottery.

I want to share with you how I did this, so YOU can do this to!

To be honest, with the systems and strategies in this site, I could hit Pick 3 every once in a while, in what I call “consistent clumps”.  (hot for a week or so, then cold)

But, after 12 LOoooooNG years of HARD CORE training, back-testing, studying probability and statistical analysis, buying every book and program out there…. the illusive “consistency” was always the problem.

I could not WIN consistently enough, to rely on it for any kind of future…or wealth.   FRUSTRATING!!

Tom Jodzio Founder of Pick3Edge

I even spent time and money trying to automate and program Pick3Edge …but still nothing worked consistently.

But, like a mad man, I kept on going, because I liked the challenge of hoping to find that one holy grail strategy. Know what I mean?

Then, several years ago, a friend of mine saw my work on Pick 3 number analysis and said, “dude, you should be trading currency”(or Forex Trading) .

He was a trader, drove a Porsche and I pretty much knew I was smarter then he was lol , so I took a look…

…and never looked back!

Which is why I wanted to share this with you.

Pick 3 and 4 lottery players,
make PERFECT Traders!

Trust me, This will COMPLETELY Change Your LIFE!!

Oh, and don’t let the word “Trader” or  “Forex” intimidate you…Forex trading really pretty simple…especially when compared to all the Pick 3 and 4 lottery analysis that we typically do. lol.

If you like doing lottery analysis….
you will LOVE trading!

Trading is 100 times easier then Pick 3

Extreme Example of whats possible!
Account balance = $50,
(Giving two attempts to get going.)
Risk = 50%
Reward = 300% (4 fold)

First trade risk $25
Win = $150 total
Win = $450 total
Loss =$225 total
Win = $675 total
Win = $2025 total
Loss = $~1000 total
Win = $3000 total
Win = $9000 total
Loss = $4500 total
Win = $~13000 total
Win = $39000 total
Win = $117000 total
9 wins, 3 losses.
The order of the wins and losses doesn’t matter.

….AND With Forex, you can play EVERY Day, Hour, 15min, 5 min or even EVERY MINUTE! Whatever fits your schedule and style.

Forex is the KEY to Freedom. I did it…so can you!

If you treat Forex HALF as seriously as you do Pick 3, you will realize the kind of SUCCESS you only dreamed about when you play lotteries..and be able to do it OVER AND OVER AGAIN!


  • A trader doesn’t need a University degree and years in practice to trade.
  • You can trade 24/5.5 days a week.
  • The tools are free
  • You can start trading with as little as $50 (Account is free to open)
  • WAY BETTER odds then Pick 3 or 4 lotteries.
  • You can actually make money WHILE you learn. (See “Signals” below)
  • UNLIMITED $$$$ Potential!!

Trading is not gambling…you can actually WIN consistently!

I still play lottery, but mostly Im a trading (I trade only 2-3 hours a day and make more money in 1 trade…then I ever did playing lottery!

Thats why Im letting you know this. I had forgotten about this website and have not been here for almost 3 years.

I just remembered it and had my programmers whip up this page to share what I did…and maybe help someone else change their lives like I did.

So How Do You Start?

It’s so simple, that you can actually start making money this week.
(I’m Dead Serious!) and the only cost is a minimum of $50…but its just to open the account, then you can use that 50 to start trading with. When I started it was a minimum $1000.

Ok, so there are only 2 things you really need to get going.

  1. A Broker for your account
  2. A System

1. A Broker

First thing you will need is a broker account. Don’t over complicate it. This is REALLY easy to setup online. Most take a credit or debit card and only need a minimum of $50 (Example FXCM). Just start with a “mini” account.

There are many brokers out there that do Forex markets and I have tried a lot of them. However, to get you going, I would strongly recommend using FXCM (Im not affiliated).

They have the lowest cost, lowest deposit to start, offer a FREE DEMO account to practice on AND have a one of the best trading platforms (The charting software).

Super simple to setup and use.


Go to FXCM

2. A System

Obviously LEARNING TO TRADE is the most important part.

3 most common methods for doing this:

  1. Signals – A Good trader sends you EXACTLY what to buy and sell in an email or text. (doesn’t get any easier)
  2. A Mentor – Someone or Group to work with one-on-one for learning and following how to trade
  3. On Going Education – On-Going education so you learn how to trade for yourself and can stop using the signals. (Maybe start your own signal service 😉

1. Signals

This is the easiest way to start. Signals are trade recommendations you should take, which are sent to you in a text or email.

Robbie Newton is a Master Forex Trader that offers you the ability to get his trades in an email. Hes been offering this service since 2011 and maintains consistent profitability.

He will send you:

  • What Pair to trade
  • Whether to BUY or SELL it
  • What your Entry Price is
  • What your Stop is
  • What your Profit  is.


I wasted a lot of money on automated signals (software that send you signals) NONE of them work! Avoid them at all cost!

Robbie is a real trader.
I have used him.
I have won with him consistently.

This is absolutely the only one I would recommend.

He also offers a plugin for your platform, that will actually tie into his platform and take the trades for you. Crazy. You don’t even have to pay attention. While this is cool technology, I really advise you use just the signals to start.

Eventually you will want to stop relying on others and do the trading for yourself.

Link to Robbie

2. A Mentor

An awesome way to learn
However, finding a good “Mentor” is really hard.

I really only know of one Trader that is at the top of his game, has a really EASY to learn system and work with you ONE-ON-ONE.

I wish someone would have shown me this when I started lol


Vladimir Professional Trader and 12 Year Forex Mentor

Vlad is a standup guy and a prodigy in Forex. I have traded with him personally (He is available to all via Skype) and know his systems are spot on and EASY to master.

This is literally an ALL-IN-ONE Service.

Full training step-by-step from beginner to advanced pro. He also offers Signals too, however, they are on a longer timeframe, which is a much better long term plan.

Reports 3 times a day with:

  • Trading idea with easy to follow instructions
  • Signals for trading
  • Live Online Trading Room meetings with all members
  • Market news and what it means
  • Media Center with videos that walk you through everything you need.

AND ONE-ON -ONE Mentoring directly with Vlad via Skype

Oh…AND Its free for to try it out too!

Link to Vlad

3. On Going Education

Anyone in Forex for awhile Im sure has heard of or read Al Brooks books on Price Action.

The books are a bit much for new traders (Overkill). You can get a lot of the basics for freee from his website. However, if your interested in sharpening your skill in trading, his Video Series “Brooks Trading Course” is a COMPREHENSIVE study guide on EVERYTHING  you need to know about trading.

He has a whole new update video course (just released) which are…little pricey.  Once you get started trading using Vlad as your mentor, or the signals from Mark and I would highly recommend doing this for on-going learning and getting better at your craft.


Brooks Price Action

Brooks Trading Course

Well, there you have it.

Im sure, as a fellow Pick 3 lottery player you will fit perfectly into this. Just passing on the info I used to make a killing and I wish you all the financial success in the world too!

I hope this helps!

All the best, Tom