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Using this site:

The following is a video that was built to try to help you get a better feel for how to use this site and Pick 3 Edge.

This Video is also on YouTube and Revver

What you are looking ultimately do is:

1) Click through this site and start going over the Pick 3 lottery strategies you will find here. Remember, THIS IS NOT A SYSTEM for winning the lottery, it is the foundation, building blocks and education you need to consistently win the lottery more frequently. In other words, this is going to take a little concentration on your behalf. You can do this! Just be patient, and don’t expect to click a link and start winning. Don’t just grab the first Pick 3 system or two and start playing with real money. Wait let me follow that with !!!!!!!!!!!! Do this right. Get familiar with the systems. Take the time to look over ALL of the strategies before you go on to step 2. (You can read step2 just don’t do it until you finish step1.)

2) Determine how you are going to track the systems. Most people nowadays use a spreadsheet program on the computer like Excel. If you don’t have Excel you can use OpenOffice from Sun Microsystems, its free . If you don’t have a computer or internet access I would recommend picking up a graph paper note book (the kind with a gazillion little boxes instead of lines)

3) You are going to need to get a hold of your states history file. Most states have their entire history file online. (will try to get a comprehensive list here…just a pain to keep it accurate) If not, then you can try asking the lottery vendor to print out a one month history file. IF that does not work then contact your lottery agency directly and request one…you have to have this.

4) As diligently as you can,(you don’t want to make a mistake) copy the one month history file into your history chart. This is time consuming and tedious, but once its done, it invaluable.

5) Grab a month of your most recent history and start going though the systems to determine which is hitting and which is cold. Again this takes time and you may not be familiar with all of this stuff so give yourself a little time to absorb.

6) Take the top performing systems and start tracking them. First if they require tracking, start tracking them back though your states history file and try to determine how long the hot streaks last and how frequent they are.

NEVER START PLAYING WITH MONEY!! Always start tracking on paper. NO, the history file does not count. You need to be able to put down on paper…”Tonight these numbers will hit”, do it for a week or two and determine if you turned a profit. Its much harder to do. Don’t get caught into thinking when find a hot system that is hitting, “I should have been playing for money…I would have made a killing”. But that is so much better then looking back and saying ” Ouch, I lost a crap load this week” realizing that the pattern was a fluke, or that you made an error in your math at the beginning. Lots can happen.

Now click on one of the Pick 3 lottery systems to the right and lets get going.