Positional Tracking

The word positional means the position in the digits, either first, second or third. Positional Tracing in the Pick 3 lottery then is following which of the 10 digits fall in each individual position. While a little time consuming it is really rather easy to track each of the individual position separately.

As in the example below, the data taken from our Pick 3 lottery history file, you will notice the 747 is separated into where it hit in each position. Example, 7 Hit in the First, 4 in the Second and 7 in the Third position. Form here you would continue to mark each digits hit position all the way through to the end of the month.


Once you have all of the numbers tracked for the month, look over each of the graphs and identify the Most Over Due number and the Second to Most over due number in each of the positions. From the example above you will notice the 3 & 8 are the two most due numbers in the First position, 0 & 7 are the two most due in the Second position and 1&9 are the two most due in the Third position. (All Highlighted in Blue)

Lined up each per position and you get


Now this is when we use Positional Wheeling. Again positional means to the location of the digits whether in the first, second or third position. With traditional wheels the results are Boxed (6 way) numbers, meaning the combinations that you get are to be played box. But with Positional wheels the numbers you get are to be played straight. Generally, Box = $80 win and Straight = $500. Obvious Straight is a much more favorable playing strategy.

Pick 3 Positional Wheeling

From the positional tracking scenario above, we are given 3,8 in the First, 0,7 in the Second and 1,9 in the Third. It is generally not a good idea to play all Due or All Most due. So what we are going to be finding here are the best Pairs to play first.

The Wheel for the pairs would look like this:

Since we don’t have a number for the missing position we just put in an X as a placeholder. Now if you would like to stop here and play your Pairs (Front pair or Back pairs) then you would have 8 numbers to play.

Front pairs would be – 30X, 37X, 80X, 87X
Back pairs would be – X01, X09, X71, X79

The next weeks draws were –

You’ll notice the Front pair 37 hit twice and the Back pair 01 hit once. 8 plays times 7 days = $56, and 3 wins times $50 = $150 or $94 profit.

If you want to continue on with playing for a straight 3-digit number, you are going to need to cut out a few of the available pair combinations in order to make this more profitable. Substituting X for the 0-9 digits give 80 numbers, Try playing ONLY the first and second Most due digits in any position. From the positional tracking charts above you see that the 1 in the Third position in the Most due having never hit in Jan, then 7 in the Second position is the next Most due having last come up 25 days ago.

Playing only the 7 in the Second position and 1 in the Third leaves the following Straight Pairs.

While this is a pretty good filter, you can still apply the traditional filter of NO All High, All Low, All Even or All Odd numbers,This leaves the following 32 combinations (The number of combinations left will depend on the types of pairs you have.)


From our Foundation set we have 2 winning combinations in the next 7 days. So 33 plays times 7 days is $231. 2 Wins at $500 equals $1000 minus the $231 leaves a $769 profit.

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