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JAN. 2017

Friends and Fellow Lottery Strategist,

I stopped playing the Pick 3 lottery

Now, I WIN $250-$1000+ a DAY playing a different “game”

I’m NOT selling anything, I just want to share how I did this, so YOU can do this to!

To be honest,

with the systems and strategies in this site, I could hit Pick 3 every once in a while, in what I call “consistent clumps”. (hot for a week or so, then cold)

But, after 12 LOoooooNG years of HARD CORE training, back-testing, studying probability and statistical analysis, buying every book and program out there…. the illusive “consistency” was always the problem.

I could not WIN consistently enough, to rely on for any kind of future..or wealth. FRUSTRATING!!

I even spent a ton of time and money trying to automate and program Pick3Edge …but still nothing worked consistently enough to make it real.

But, like a mad man, I kept on going, because I liked the challenge of hoping to find that one holy grail strategy. Know what I mean?

Tom Jodzio Founder of Pick3Edge

Then, several years ago, a friend of mine saw my work on Pick 3 number analysis and said, “dude, you should be trading currency” (or Forex Trading) . He was a trader, drove a Porsche and I pretty much knew I was smarter then he was lol , so I took a look…

…and never looked back!

I kick myself now thinking how I never did this before and all the time (and money) I wasted on Pick 3

Which is why I wanted to share this with you.

Pick 3 and 4 lottery strategist, make PERFECT Traders!

Trust me, This will COMPLETELY Change Your LIFE!!

Oh, and don’t let the word “Trader” or “Forex” intimidate you…Forex trading really pretty simple…especially when compared to all the Pick 3 and 4 lottery analysis that we typically do. lol.

If you like doing lottery analysis….
you will LOVE trading!

Trading is 100 times easier then Pick 3

Extreme Example of whats possible!
Account balance = $50,
giving two attempts to get going.Risk = 50%
Reward = 300% (4 fold)

First trade risk $25
Win = $150 total
Win = $450 total
Loss =$225 total
Win = $675 total
Win = $2025 total
Loss = $~1000 total
Win = $3000 total
Win = $9000 total
Loss = $4500 total
Win = $~13000 total
Win = $39000 total
Win = $117000 total
9 wins, 3 losses.
The order of the wins and losses doesn’t matter.

….AND With Forex, you can play EVERY Day, Hour, 15min, 5 min or even EVERY MINUTE! Whatever fits your schedule and style.

Forex is the KEY to Freedom. I did it…so can you!

If you treat Forex HALF as seriously as you do Pick 3, you will realize the kind of SUCCESS you only dreamed about when you play lotteries..and be able to do it OVER AND OVER AGAIN!


  • A trader doesn’t need a University degree and years in practice to trade.
  • You can trade 24/5.5 days a week.
  • The tools are free
  • You can start trading with as little as $50 (Account is free to open)
  • The major currency pairs offer WAY BETTER opportunities then Pick 3 or 4 lotteries.
  • You can actually make money WHILE you learn. (See “Signals” below)

Trading is not gambling…you can actually WIN consistently!

Look, Im now retired (thanks to trading) and a full-time trader (Only risking 2% of my account…not 50% in the extreme example above. I trade only 2-3 hours a day and make more money in 1 trade…then I ever did playing Pick 3 or my old job COMBINED!

Thats why Im letting you know this. I had forgotten about this website and have not been here for almost 3 years.

I just remembered it and had my programmers whip up this page to share what I did…and maybe help someone else change their lives like I did.

Soooo How Do You Start?

Well, sorry I dont have the time to teach you how to do this, however…

I can point you in the right direction so
you can start making money this week. (I’m Serious)

There are only 3 things you really need to get going.

  1. A Broker for your account
  2. A Trading Platform
  3. A System

1. A Broker

First thing you will need is a broker account. Don’t over complicate it. This is REALLY easy to setup online. Most take a credit or debit card and only need a minimum of $50 (Example FXCM). Just start with a mini account. Its what I used.

There are many brokers out there that do Forex markets. I have tried and have a few different accounts a some of them. However to get you going, I would strongly recommend using FXCM (Im not affiliated at all). They allow for the lowest spread, lowest deposit to start, offer a great FREE DEMO account to practice on AND have a one of the best trading platforms.


Go to FXCM

2. A Trading Platform

Starting out, the three biggest and easiest to learn are Trading Station, Meta Trader 4 and Ninjatrader. All four come with FXCM. I would recommend MetaTrader 4 or Trading Station. This really depends on your training. Which brings me to the MOST IMPORTANT PART


Go to Platforms

3. A System

Obviously LEARNING TO TRADE is the most important part.

3 most common methods for doing this:

  1. Signals – A Good trader sends you EXACTLY what to buy and sell in an email or text. (doesn’t get any easier)
  2. A Mentor – Someone or Group to work with one-on-one for learning and following how to trade
  3. On Going Education – On-Going education so you learn how to trade for yourself and can stop using the signals. (Maybe start your own signal service 😉


Most signals come from automated systems, which DON’T WORK! Avoid them at all cost!

Robbie Newton is a Master Forex Trader that offers you the ability to get his trades in an email. Hes been offering this service since 2011 and maintains consistent profitability.

He will send you:

  • What Pair to trade
  • Whether to BUY or SELL it
  • What your Entry Price is
  • What your Stop is
  • What your Profit is.


He also offers a plugin for Metatrader platform, that will actually tie into his platform and take the trades for you. Crazy. You don’t even have to pay attention. While this is cool technology, I really advise you use just the signals to get the trades and get used to taking the trades yourself.

Eventually you will want to stop relying on others and do the trading for yourself…any maybe help others in your family learn too.


Link to Robbie

A Mentor

An awesome way to learn
However, finding a good “Mentor” is really hard.
I really only know of one Trader that is at the top of his game, has a really EASY to learn system and work with you ONE-ON-ONE.

I wish someone would have shown me this when I started lol
Vlad is a standup guy and a prodigy in Forex. I have traded with him personally (He is available to all via Skype) and know his systems are spot on and EASY to master.

This is literally an ALL-IN-ONE Service.

Full training step-by-step from beginner to advanced pro. He also offers Signals too, however, they are on a longer timeframe, which is a much better long term plan.

Reports 3 times a day with:

  • Trading idea with easy to follow instructions
  • Signals for trading
  • Live Online Trading Room meetings with all members
  • Market news and what it means
  • Media Center with videos that walk you through everything you need.

AND ONE-ON -ONE Mentoring directly with Vlad via Skype

Oh…AND Its free for to try it out too!

Link to Vlad

On Going Education

Anyone in Forex for awhile Im sure has heard of or read Al Brooks books on Price Action.

The books are a bit much for new traders (Overkill). You can get a lot of the basics for freee from his website. However, if your interested in sharpening your skill in trading, his Video Series “Brooks Trading Course” is a COMPREHENSIVE study guide on EVERYTHING you need to know about trading.

He has a whole new update video series (just released) course which sells for ($400)..little pricey. Once you get started trading using Vlad as your mentor, or the signals from Mark and I would highly recommend doing this for on-going learning and getting better at your craft.


Brooks Price Action

Brooks Trading Course

Well There you have it.

Im sure, as a fellow Pick 3 lottery player you will fit perfectly into this. Just passing on the info I used to make a killing and I wish you all the financial success in the world too!

I hope this helps!

All the best, Tom

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Pick3uwin.com Review

If you have searched for Pick 3 systems online, you have no doubt come across this one.

“Mathematical Genius” from Nevada Desert
Reveals Astonishing Matrix that Lets
YOU Consistently Win ANY Pick 3 Lotto

Using government-provided information
you can easily access for

It sells for $24.95 (half off if you buy by midnight…everyday)

Well, I went and bought this out of curiosity, and here is a review of what I found:

First, I found it pretty funny that this guy, Trent Schmuland, lives in the UK. He is not even a US pick 3 lottery player…not that you need to be a US player, but he never mentions that…or the fact that the UK has no Pick 3 lottery.

You get a 5 page word document that was saved as a PDF. No time or care spent here. You can tell he struggled to come up with the words to put this together. In fact there are more words in this review, then there are in his whole book.

The ENTIRE Sales page nothing but misleading pitch and flat out LIES. Nothing in this reflects anything mentioned on the website…accurately.

The “old man” in the desert is never mentioned once in this little 5 page doc.

The “Government secret” is a link to Minnesota’s State lottery website that just has all the states lotterys listed.

Here is the link…if you are curious:


So what is this secret system all about? There is no secret, its about lottery wheels…well, 1 wheel to be exact.

What is a lottery wheel? Wheels are just a way to get all the possible combinations for a given set of numbers. Instead of rewriting a detailed explanation here is a good site that explains it petty well.


Actually, that site just about sums up the entire Pick3UWin “book”.

But in case you are still interested, here is more “review” of the system he is selling. He tells you simply that “some” numbers will come up more then others. Well, first of all, that’s wrong. If you have statistical background, you know that the numbers strive to balance. You might see the number 2 hit five times in a week…then nothing for three weeks, looks unbalanced, but when you look at it on a monthly scale the number of times it showed was balanced.

So anyway, he goes on and tells you to go to the link for all the lottery sites and select the five most frequently drawn numbers in the lottery of your choice. No, hint as to which five state lotteries or even how to select the five most frequently drawn. You dont know if you are supposed to use a week of pick 3 numbers, a month, or use numbers per column or consecutive, or what about day and evening draws, does that effect the numbers? Nothing. He doesn’t know. He probably wouldn’t even know what I’m talking about.

In my opinion, this is a Money Scam! That’s all.

So from here, you are to put the numbers into a “Matrix”. Again, no particular order just list the numbers.

He also says you can just as easily use your own favorite numbers instead of  doing the research on states. Use anniversary, birthdays…etc. This is crazy. But he plays it off like its scientific, lol.

So, Let say we came up with some numbers. For this example, I just put some miscellaneous numbers in. Please note, I’m going way beyond what he even shows you how how to do work this system. He only shows you blank rows and says “Enter in the Lucky number in the order you choose”.

So now that you have this list. You have to Pick one number from each of the 5 columns and put them on the following line.

Arbitrary. No particular reason for the selection, just pick one. Having a hard time with this, I chose the number based on if they appeared more then once in the column or if they equaled the column number. For example 7 in A, because 7 came up twice in  the first column in the chart. OR choosing 4 in the forth column because there are no repeating numbers and it is the forth column.

So now that you have completely pick numbers out of your butt to put on this line, you use a standard 5 number Pick 3 lottery wheel to get the payable numbers.

Number to play:











10 box combinations.

Let me make a note here that using the above box for printing out and doing the work of the system is no longer needed. If you go online you will find sites like crazynuts where you can select the wheel you want, enter your numbers and it gives you all the combinations.

Great Link (not in the book):


Hope this helps you at least save a few bucks from curiosity. This is the kind of crap Pick 3 Edge is trying to weed out.

A final note, that you all probably noticed, but I had to say something was what he has written at the bottom of his website. He writes:

Without Pick 3 U Win, the odds are 333 to 1 against you!

This should be a HUGE red flag as to the complete misunderstanding this guy has regarding the Pick 3 lottery and the odds of winning. More accurately, “Without Pick 3 U Win or any other reduction system, the odds are” 1000 to 1 against you.

There are 1000 possible combinations in the Pick 3, how do you get 333 Trent?

Stop cheating people.



OK…Gotta let you know that since this was posted, I have had several people tell me that The Lottery Method System has helped them win more than any other single system. Im going to review in the coming weeks but thought you might benefit now…Let me know how you do if you decide to check it out!!!

Click Here to Check Out The Lottery Method


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There are several methods for setting up the Pyramid Pick 3 lottery system.

The first method is to use one month from the year before. For example, if you were in Feb. 07, you would be looking for Feb. 06 numbers to get your numbers to track.The Next would be to use the month prior. For example, if you are looking for the numbers for Feb. then use Jan.’s numbers.

Once you determine which set you are going to use, track them by totaling how many times each number hits in a given month.

In the following chart, we are using our sample history file.

Number of Hits Per Digit


List the numbers from highest hitting to lowest.
Now put the numbers into a Pyramid. From Hottest on the top, then down and left to right till you get to the coldest in the bottom right.

Now get your combinations out of the pyramid by making smaller pyramids.
345, 467, 579, 680, 702, 921, 381, 482,
501, 457, 670, 792, 369


Within 3 days of this example 381 HIT box as 183 on 2/3/06.

Do you think this Pick 3 Lottery
system has Potential? Rate it!
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Together we can really sharpen these Pick 3 Systems!

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Weighty Digits

Weighty Digits gives extra weight to the digits that hit the most regardless of position, while allowing you to play all Pick 3 digits at least once dramatically increasing your odds.

Start by tracking the last 20 draws.

You are looking for how many times each Pick 3 digit has appeared in all positions.


Arrange the numbers from Highest to Lowest


Now take the numbers in their new sorted order (high to low) and assign them a Position Value. Use the following sequences to order the HOT and COLD numbers and get your new combinations to play.


Using our Foundation history we can see that the 436 hit box within the next week.



You can change this system up to track only a week or 10, 21 or even 30 days.

Change up the amount of numbers you look for:
2 combinations: ABC-CDE
5 combinations: ABC-ABD-ACD-BCD-CDE
10 combinations, box A-C-D-E-H or A-B-C-D-E
20 combinations, box A-C-D-E-H-J

Try reversing the order of the HOTTEST numbers. Putting A last, instead of first.

Play with it until you find what works best for your states game.

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system has Potential? Rate it!
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Sums Root Chart

This can be used as a continuation of Edge18 SUM ROOTS and BASE ROOTS or on its own.

To start with look at the sums chart found in the Foundation section (and below)


Track only the 10 to 18 SUMs (highlighted in green) Close to 90% of all your number hit in this area, so its mainly a time saver not having to keep track of the others.

Now using your history file, track the sums and Mark off each of those SUMs when they hit (represented below using the gray boxes)


At the bottom of the tracking sheet count the number of times each of the SUM totals hit. In the chart above you will notice that SUM 15, SUM 16 & SUM 18 all only hit once. Having more numbers then SUM 18, SUM 15&16 are favored more likely to hit. Then the fact that SUM 15 is more due (last hit farther back then SUM 16) makes SUM 15 the HOTTEST SUM TO TRACK.

Now using your favorite method, simply eliminate all of the options that do not have a 15 SUM. Or if you feel the 15 SUM is going to hit, play all the options.

6- Way Box
069 078 159 168 249 258 267 348 357 456

3-Way Box
177 339 366 447


Using the History file, SUM 15 hit 2 days later.

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system has Potential? Rate it!
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Ideally you would want to track up to three months for this method.

When we talk about SUMs we are referring to the total off all the digits in a PICK3 number when added together. A SUMS chart is found in the Foundations section and in Edge 19 (Next).

Example of a SUM: Using PICK3 number 638 6+3+8 = 17SUM

Pretty easy.

Now the SUM ROOT (ROOT) is the SUM added together.

Example of a ROOT: Using SUM 17, 1+7 = 8ROOT

Again pretty simple right?
Now the BASE ROOT is found by just taking the last digit of the ROOT

Example of a BASE ROOT: Using SUM 17, 7 is the last digit so BASE ROOT =7
Here are all 10 BASE ROOTs:

ROW-0.…. 019-028-037-046-127-136-145-235-389-479-569

ROW-1….. 029-038-047-056-128-137-146-236-245-489-579


ROW-3….. 012-049-058-067-139-148-157-238-247-256-346







If the SUM ROOT were only 1 number, that would also be considered the BASE ROOT. Of course there are some times when you get SUM ROOTS that add up to a 2 digit number in that case you will simply remove the first digit in the result.
Example Using SUM 19, 1+9 = 10 (taking off the first digit leaves BASE ROOT 0)

Now lets use our month history chart and insert the SUMS, ROOTS and BASE ROOTS

Once you have this information study it carefully for the following patterns.

First look for Repeating ROOTs,  if you notice in the following graph original ROOTs in the 3-5 range when they hit will usually repeat.


Just by looking at the pattern alone we can see that the next time a ROOT SUM hits in that 3-5 range we should see a repeat within the next draw or two.

In fact the next time ROOT 3 hit on 2/3 it repeated on 2/4!

Next, look at the BASE ROOTS and study the Graph on that. You will notice the same pattern of repeats.


However more impressive is to look at the SUM ROOTs and BASE ROOT charts on top of each other. Here you will notice not only the repeating patterns but that ROOTS and BASE ROOTS are only within a digit or two of each other.


Wait until you see a deviance from the 1 digit off pattern then you are clear for a while.
The key here is to find the patterns and if they are prime, use this as a filter for your final number selections.

Please help us keep this site free, just click a link. Thanks P3E

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Hot and Cold

Tracking the HOT and COLD of the Pick 3 lottery is the most basic method for determining which Pick 3 digits should be played together.

First start with a history of at least 20 days. (Shown in light green)

Now count how many times each number came up for each column. The terms are used interchangeably as either Positions, Columns or Digits


Charting Hot and Cold
So as you can see, Number 3 came up 4 times in the Column 1. Now once all of these are counted you can also generate a graph (whether using a spreadsheet application or graph paper) that helps you see when the numbers are falling in the Pick 3.



Viewing them all together (probably the easiest to see) you get:

Sorted by hits in the last 20 days gives you.


Now your top 5 in this last sorted graph are your Hot numbers and the Bottom 5 are the cold numbers.
Again look to the Pick 3 history file and order the hits per column that have come up starting with the most recent to the farthest.


You can take it a step further by creating a new column on the left and assign each of the numbers a value or multiplier based on how far back they fell.


Example: You would assign 3, the value of 1, 3 and 8. Because it came up in numbers 539, 423 and 364.

Any numbers in 539 are assigned a value of 8
Any numbers in 423 are assigned a value of 3
Any numbers in 364 are assigned a value of 1
Add up the values and you get a value for 3 = 12 (Adding values 8+3+1)

When you do this for each of the numbers you get:

Then sort the numbers from high to low, the high being the Hot numbers and the low being the Cold.hot17

Pull your combinations.
175, 759, 803, 182, 824, 706, 936, 364


There were two HITs in the next 5 days Pick 3 lottery using only those 8 combinations.

Please help us keep this site free, just click a link. Thanks P3E

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Repeating Number

The basic rule says that 1 numbers frequently repeats from the previous nights draw. From tracking the history file below we see that’s basically reliable.


Now, a closer look into the system shows that there is another pattern you can use to narrow the numbers down further.

Look at the history file and use the last number to hit, 158 (1/30/06)
Break the number up into its individual numbers and columns

ONLY look for the First position number to repeat in the First or Second position


ONLY look for the Second position number to repeat in the First, Second or Third position.


ONLY look for the Third position number to repeat in the Second or Third position.


Now if we look at the history file we notice that from where we left off tracking both 8 repeated from the Position3 to position2 and 5 repeated from Position2 to Position1on 1/30 – 1/31


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Zig-Zag Patterns

Here is an alternate way of looking for repeating patterns in the Pick 3 Lottery. Typically, you would look for repeating patterns of 4+ numbers with the same characteristics (i.e. odds, evens, high lows or HELO’s as they are called as in the example below) in the same position ( tracking by column).
Typical 4+ High/Low Even/Odd tracking chart for Pick 3 lottery

h = high number (56789)
l = low number (01234)
o = odd number
e = even number


4+ low numbers in a row shown in red

However, a more unknown way to track is to look for Pick 3 lottery patterns that Zig-Zag. You will notice that they follow the same criteria as the straight patterns and can be ripe for a hit when the straight patterns are cold.


Zig-Zag patterns have to follow a left or right movement.

They can start in the middle column, but must move to the end columns from that point.

Now looking at the available patterns involving the High Low & Even Odd we know that you can have the following 64 options (listed below) and as with the Straight patterns, the Zig-Zags, once determined can cut the available options down by half (or 32 possible HELO’s).



These are obviously to be used with another system. They are an excellent filter when you are trying to determine the position of a straight play. Or when you just need the reassurance that an all even, all odd, all high, or all low combinations is due or not.

The following Draw (2/1) the 3 in the first Hit as Low Odd.

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