Tracking the HOT and COLD of the Pick 3 lottery is the most basic method for determining which Pick 3 digits should be played together.

First start with a history of at least 20 days. (Shown in light green)

Now count how many times each number came up for each column. The terms are used interchangeably as either Positions, Columns or Digits


Charting Hot and Cold
So as you can see, Number 3 came up 4 times in the Column 1. Now once all of these are counted you can also generate a graph (whether using a spreadsheet application or graph paper) that helps you see when the numbers are falling in the Pick 3.



Viewing them all together (probably the easiest to see) you get:

Sorted by hits in the last 20 days gives you.


Now your top 5 in this last sorted graph are your Hot numbers and the Bottom 5 are the cold numbers.
Again look to the Pick 3 history file and order the hits per column that have come up starting with the most recent to the farthest.


You can take it a step further by creating a new column on the left and assign each of the numbers a value or multiplier based on how far back they fell.


Example: You would assign 3, the value of 1, 3 and 8. Because it came up in numbers 539, 423 and 364.

Any numbers in 539 are assigned a value of 8
Any numbers in 423 are assigned a value of 3
Any numbers in 364 are assigned a value of 1
Add up the values and you get a value for 3 = 12 (Adding values 8+3+1)

When you do this for each of the numbers you get:

Then sort the numbers from high to low, the high being the Hot numbers and the low being the Cold.hot17

Pull your combinations.
175, 759, 803, 182, 824, 706, 936, 364


There were two HITs in the next 5 days Pick 3 lottery using only those 8 combinations.

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