Pick3uwin.com Review

If you have searched for Pick 3 systems online, you have no doubt come across this one.

“Mathematical Genius” from Nevada Desert
Reveals Astonishing Matrix that Lets
YOU Consistently Win ANY Pick 3 Lotto

Using government-provided information
you can easily access for

It sells for $24.95 (half off if you buy by midnight…everyday)

Well, I went and bought this out of curiosity, and here is a review of what I found:

First, I found it pretty funny that this guy, Trent Schmuland, lives in the UK. He is not even a US pick 3 lottery player…not that you need to be a US player, but he never mentions that…or the fact that the UK has no Pick 3 lottery.

You get a 5 page word document that was saved as a PDF. No time or care spent here. You can tell he struggled to come up with the words to put this together. In fact there are more words in this review, then there are in his whole book.

The ENTIRE Sales page nothing but misleading pitch and flat out LIES. Nothing in this reflects anything mentioned on the website…accurately.

The “old man” in the desert is never mentioned once in this little 5 page doc.

The “Government secret” is a link to Minnesota’s State lottery website that just has all the states lotterys listed.

Here is the link…if you are curious:


So what is this secret system all about? There is no secret, its about lottery wheels…well, 1 wheel to be exact.

What is a lottery wheel? Wheels are just a way to get all the possible combinations for a given set of numbers. Instead of rewriting a detailed explanation here is a good site that explains it petty well.


Actually, that site just about sums up the entire Pick3UWin “book”.

But in case you are still interested, here is more “review” of the system he is selling. He tells you simply that “some” numbers will come up more then others. Well, first of all, that’s wrong. If you have statistical background, you know that the numbers strive to balance. You might see the number 2 hit five times in a week…then nothing for three weeks, looks unbalanced, but when you look at it on a monthly scale the number of times it showed was balanced.

So anyway, he goes on and tells you to go to the link for all the lottery sites and select the five most frequently drawn numbers in the lottery of your choice. No, hint as to which five state lotteries or even how to select the five most frequently drawn. You dont know if you are supposed to use a week of pick 3 numbers, a month, or use numbers per column or consecutive, or what about day and evening draws, does that effect the numbers? Nothing. He doesn’t know. He probably wouldn’t even know what I’m talking about.

In my opinion, this is a Money Scam! That’s all.

So from here, you are to put the numbers into a “Matrix”. Again, no particular order just list the numbers.

He also says you can just as easily use your own favorite numbers instead of  doing the research on states. Use anniversary, birthdays…etc. This is crazy. But he plays it off like its scientific, lol.

So, Let say we came up with some numbers. For this example, I just put some miscellaneous numbers in. Please note, I’m going way beyond what he even shows you how how to do work this system. He only shows you blank rows and says “Enter in the Lucky number in the order you choose”.

So now that you have this list. You have to Pick one number from each of the 5 columns and put them on the following line.

Arbitrary. No particular reason for the selection, just pick one. Having a hard time with this, I chose the number based on if they appeared more then once in the column or if they equaled the column number. For example 7 in A, because 7 came up twice in  the first column in the chart. OR choosing 4 in the forth column because there are no repeating numbers and it is the forth column.

So now that you have completely pick numbers out of your butt to put on this line, you use a standard 5 number Pick 3 lottery wheel to get the payable numbers.

Number to play:











10 box combinations.

Let me make a note here that using the above box for printing out and doing the work of the system is no longer needed. If you go online you will find sites like crazynuts where you can select the wheel you want, enter your numbers and it gives you all the combinations.

Great Link (not in the book):


Hope this helps you at least save a few bucks from curiosity. This is the kind of crap Pick 3 Edge is trying to weed out.

A final note, that you all probably noticed, but I had to say something was what he has written at the bottom of his website. He writes:

Without Pick 3 U Win, the odds are 333 to 1 against you!

This should be a HUGE red flag as to the complete misunderstanding this guy has regarding the Pick 3 lottery and the odds of winning. More accurately, “Without Pick 3 U Win or any other reduction system, the odds are” 1000 to 1 against you.

There are 1000 possible combinations in the Pick 3, how do you get 333 Trent?

Stop cheating people.



OK…Gotta let you know that since this was posted, I have had several people tell me that The Lottery Method System has helped them win more than any other single system. Im going to review in the coming weeks but thought you might benefit now…Let me know how you do if you decide to check it out!!!

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