Overdue Common Pairs

Given the history file, this Pick 3 lottery system did not produce a hit within a respectable time frame. However, if you look at this Pick 3 lottery system close you will notice that it warrants some further research. Unfortunately, this is a heavy system to setup, backtrack and maintain.

The bottom line of this system is to find the 3 most overdue pairs in your pick3 game. Each of the pairs must have a common digit with one another, hence, Common Pairs.

In the example below: 01 03 13 are the most overdue pairs. They are considered common because each of them can be paired up with each other to make a new 3-digit combination. From here you would wheel digits 031 to get your new combinations. Wheeling all three digits would make 24 straight combinations to play including unique and doubles. You can also conserve your money by playing the 7 combinations boxed.

001, 003, 011, 033, 113, 331, 013

This will cover all the unique as well as the doubles numbers.

First – Use a chart like the one below to check off the pairs as they hit.

Next, set up a history of Pick 3 Lottery numbers that hit and simultaneously mark off the pairs that hit. I have also included a column that shows which pairs hit and the number of hits.


After tracking the pairs for a couple of weeks you should be getting close to widdling down the 3 common pairs. In this example we are left with only 01 03 and 13
NOTE: When you are getting close to only a few remaining pairs, start to check for the common numbers.



Now you would play the 7 combinations. 001, 003, 011, 033, 113, 331, 013


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