The delinquent sums are a quick way to get a few good Pick 3 lottery numbers to play. This is a noted pattern that takes place in Pick 3 lottery and should be tracked regularly.
The following is the SUM chart representing all 120 single and 80 double possible Pick 3 lottery combinations. Sums are the total of all the numbers in a digit added together. (123 = Sum 6) 1+2 =3 +3 = 6


Notice the Green area above. This is the most common group of sums (SUMS 12 to 15) . Now if you only use the non-double numbers you have 10 numbers in each of the 4 groups of sums or 40 numbers. In other words:

The BIG 4 SUM Pick 3 Groups

Pick 3 Big Group 1 – 12 SUM

Pick 3 Big Group 2 – 13 SUM

Pick 3 Big Group 3 – 14 SUM

Pick 3 Big Group 4 – 15 SUM

Now to start with you will have to track the SUMS back. Take a look at chart below. Notice the frequency of hits the Pick 3 Big 4 sum group has represented by the green highlight.

Heres a couple of things to watch for in the Big 4.

Most Due: If you look at the following chart you will notice that the 15 SUMS (Big Group 4) are the most due. When they are cold, most sums will be out for 10 to 15 plays this Group has be out 21 days. While you might be tempted to play the 15 Sum Group, hold off. Look at the frequency pattern when they do come. They tend to hit and then hit again in the next draw or two.

So the idea would be to track this 15 Group SUM until it Hits and then play all 10 number combinations boxed on the next draw and if it does not Hit, then play again the following draw.

HITS: Another idea is to wait for the Green HITs in the Chart below to go out 4+ then play all the Groups. In other words, wait for all of the Big 4 Sum Groups to NOT hit for at least 4 in a row, then play all of them. It will happen about once a month.


Numbers with the 12 SUM
Numbers with the 13 SUM
Numbers with the 14 SUM
Numbers with the 15 SUM

The next day the SUM 15 Hits.

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