Pair System

Another fairly easy Pick 3 lottery system that is also very quick to do.

To start, we will say tonight is 1/24/06 and we are looking for the Pick 3 lottery numbers in FL tomorrow 1/25/06. We start off by selecting our single numbers going back 2 days to 1/22/06 with numbers 086 drawn.

These will be our singles 0,8 and 6. Next we select our pairs by going back 8 draws to 1/16/06 with numbers 046 drawn and make our pairs 04, 06, 46 and combine all our numbers like so:

004 006 046
804 806 846
604 606 646

While not an exact match this time, you can see how close it came with the 634, the 46 pair was definitely one of the pairs to use.

Now if doubles had come out we would have just used 6 combinations instead of the 9.

Finally, you are not locked into the 2-day 8-day rule, however they seem to work the most frequently. You can also look at 1,2 or 3 days back for the singles and 3,4,5,6,7, and 8 days back or the pairs. Maybe track them and see which is hot.

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