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TTT w/Missing

This is a variation of the TTT Pick 3 lottery system (TTT) by taking advantage of the missing Pick 3 lottery numbers (those numbers that don’t make it into the TTT setup).

Briefly, as you may recall, the TTT set up is:
1 0 1
9 2 2
8 7 3
The numbers in red represents the last hit. You get the remaining numbers by filling in counterclockwise each position -1 until you run out of room (Explained in detail in Pick 3 Lottery system - TTT Patterns).

The following set is from our example history file.

Creating the TTT

From the history file above, List the Drawn number in the TTT diagonally from top left to bottom right as shown below.

Start subtracting 1 from the digit in the bottom right box. Here the number was 7 so 7-1=6 (Note if any of the numbers are 0 then 0-1=9, just count the 0 as a 10)


Continue subtracting 1 and moving counter clockwise around the TTT filling in the remaining boxes.


Finding the Missing Numbers

Notice that 0,8 and 9 are missing from the TTT above. Combine the numbers to get your Missing pairs.
08, 09, 89
Now combine your drawn numbers (747) with these missing pairs (08, 09, 89) to get a new set of combinations.
708, 709, 789,
408, 409, 489
(Note that if you didn’t have a double number as your drawn number (747), you would have had another set)

Now pull your TTT numbers


Across 745- 346 – 217
Down 732- 441 – 567
Diagonal 747 – 245
Diamond 346 – 316
Corners 374 – 321 – 654 – 671
H Pattern 734 – 234- 564 -764
Half Diamond 742 – 547
Cross 344 -341 – 644 – 641
Capital I 744 – 544 -214 – 714

Take out the repeats, the all 3 consecutive (rare), the doubles, and the 747

Across 745 – 346 – 217
Down 732 – 441 – 567
Diagonal 747 – 245
Diamond 346 – 316
Corners 374 – 321 -654 – 671
H Pattern 734 – 234 – 564 – 764
Half Diamond 742 – 547
Cross 344 – 341 – 644 – 641
Capital I 744 – 544 – 214 – 714

The numbers remaining are:: 745, 346, 217, 732, 245, 316, 374, 671, 764, 742, 341, 641, 214, 714
Again, The Missing Numbers were: 708, 709, 789, 408, 409, 489

Now look at the numbers that followed the 747 and you see we had a hit within 2 days using the TTT and 13 days using the MISSING.


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11 Responses to “TTT w/Missing”

  • rodney says:

    if there is only two missing pairs how do you get combonations from those two?

  • manma says:

    I have one question? When looking for the missing numbers, is the hit number (diagonal) counted or omitted? Great system for doubles too, I like this cause it don’t produce alot of numbers to play. Keep up the good work, and thanks so much for sharing these systems. I’ve been on alot of web sites, and they all wont to charge a fee, and their system probably are not no good. But the ones I’ve pick out from you, gets the HITS Thanks again.

  • john says:

    In this example you say that you had a hit the second day and the thirteenth day?? Did you play the same numbers for two wks straignt??

  • john q says:

    this doesnt work. I do some mock runs and yes you might have one hit out of 15 attempts, I have a better chance at throwing a dart at o-9

  • ed says:

    ur explanations suck

  • wont2win says:

    What do you do when theirs only one missing digit? Like the number 754

  • me me says:

    Gr8 system

  • powerball says:

    Heya i am ffor the primary tme here. I came across this board and I find It really useful & it helped me out a lot.
    I’m hoping to provide one thing back and aid others such as you aided me.

    Feel free to surf to my weblog :: powerball

  • Hector says:

    In this example you say that you had a hit the second day and the thirteenth day?? Did you play the same numbers for two wks straignt??

    After 14 draws do you start over wiih new numbers


  • Jamie Blair says:

    Can u tell me wat the ttt#s for Missouri.

  • Really no matter if someone doesn’t be aware of afterward its
    up to other users that they will assist, so here it takes place.

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