TTT Patterns

In this Pick 3 lottery system you will be making 4 different TTT (Tic-Tac-Toe) tables, named below as Stack 1, Stack 2, Stack 3 and Stack 4.

For the example we used 1/6/2006 508

Pick 3 Stack 1

Start by making a TTT then placing the number in diagonally

Next, continue by subtracting 1 from the bottom right number. 8-1= 7 (Note, if the number is 0, then 0-1= 9, just view the zero as a 10)


Keep going by subtracting another 1 from the 7. 7-1=6


Continue subtracting and placing the numbers in the available boxes.


Pick 3 Stack 2

Now you will just do it again, but this time Add one (1) to each of the numbers. 8+1=9

Continue by adding 1 to the 9. 1+9 = 0 (Just go back to zero (0) if the number exceeds nine(9))


Keep adding 1 until you complete the remaining boxes.


Pick 3 Stack 3

Now create a stack with last night’s number going horizontal

In this stack you will be adding 5 to each of the numbers and placing it over the number you added to.

5+5 = 10 (Just put 0), 0+5= 5, 8+5 = 13 (Just put 3)

In this stack you will be subtracting 3 to each of the numbers and placing it under the number you subtracted from.

5-3 = 2, 0-3 = 7, 8-3 = 5

Pick 3 Stack 4

Finally, Do the same as in Stack 3, except subtract two (2) from the number instead of 3

Now, add up how many times each number comes up in each of the TTT’s and put the totals in the Frequency column. Subtract four 5’s  and four 8’s from the frequency results to get a look at the true frequency.


Grab the hottest numbers, minimum of 4 (Here we have 0,2,3 & 5) and create your sets.

023, 035, 235

While not a perfect match, you will notice that within the next two days the 35 pair showed.

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