Numbering Points

More of a Pick 3 lottery strategy then a Pick 3 lottery system, numbering points allows you to determine not only the hot and cold numbers, but also keep track of the hot and cold column location for the numbers.

Start by looking at the last 20 numbers that hit in your states Pick 3 Lottery.
1) If the number appears in the first column then give it 3 points
2) If the number appears in the second column then give it 2 points
3) If the number appears in the third column then give it 1 point

Let look at the example below

In the example above you would start by counting up all the times the zero (0) digit hit in the first column. We find that it hit twice (2 times). When a number hits in the first column, its worth 3 points, so you would multiply the 2 hits times 3. (2×3=6). The value of 0 in the first column is 6 points. Pretty easy. Now, do the same for the rest of the numbers in each of the column.

Below is the table showing the results from the history file above.



The digit 3, in terms of value, is a HOT digit scoring 15 points. However it is cold in the third column, so a 3 in the third is due. The very next draw the 733 hits

While this does not give an exact number to play, it is very helpful in keeping the “pulse” of the game on a daily basis as well as assisting with positional playing (exact order).

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