Ideally you would want to track up to three months for this method.

When we talk about SUMs we are referring to the total off all the digits in a PICK3 number when added together. A SUMS chart is found in the Foundations section and in Edge 19 (Next).

Example of a SUM: Using PICK3 number 638 6+3+8 = 17SUM

Pretty easy.

Now the SUM ROOT (ROOT) is the SUM added together.

Example of a ROOT: Using SUM 17, 1+7 = 8ROOT

Again pretty simple right?
Now the BASE ROOT is found by just taking the last digit of the ROOT

Example of a BASE ROOT: Using SUM 17, 7 is the last digit so BASE ROOT =7
Here are all 10 BASE ROOTs:

ROW-0.…. 019-028-037-046-127-136-145-235-389-479-569

ROW-1….. 029-038-047-056-128-137-146-236-245-489-579


ROW-3….. 012-049-058-067-139-148-157-238-247-256-346







If the SUM ROOT were only 1 number, that would also be considered the BASE ROOT. Of course there are some times when you get SUM ROOTS that add up to a 2 digit number in that case you will simply remove the first digit in the result.
Example Using SUM 19, 1+9 = 10 (taking off the first digit leaves BASE ROOT 0)

Now lets use our month history chart and insert the SUMS, ROOTS and BASE ROOTS

Once you have this information study it carefully for the following patterns.

First look for Repeating ROOTs,  if you notice in the following graph original ROOTs in the 3-5 range when they hit will usually repeat.


Just by looking at the pattern alone we can see that the next time a ROOT SUM hits in that 3-5 range we should see a repeat within the next draw or two.

In fact the next time ROOT 3 hit on 2/3 it repeated on 2/4!

Next, look at the BASE ROOTS and study the Graph on that. You will notice the same pattern of repeats.


However more impressive is to look at the SUM ROOTs and BASE ROOT charts on top of each other. Here you will notice not only the repeating patterns but that ROOTS and BASE ROOTS are only within a digit or two of each other.


Wait until you see a deviance from the 1 digit off pattern then you are clear for a while.
The key here is to find the patterns and if they are prime, use this as a filter for your final number selections.

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