There are several methods for setting up the Pyramid Pick 3 lottery system.

The first method is to use one month from the year before. For example, if you were in Feb. 07, you would be looking for Feb. 06 numbers to get your numbers to track.The Next would be to use the month prior. For example, if you are looking for the numbers for Feb. then use Jan.’s numbers.

Once you determine which set you are going to use, track them by totaling how many times each number hits in a given month.

In the following chart, we are using our sample history file.

Number of Hits Per Digit


List the numbers from highest hitting to lowest.
Now put the numbers into a Pyramid. From Hottest on the top, then down and left to right till you get to the coldest in the bottom right.

Now get your combinations out of the pyramid by making smaller pyramids.
345, 467, 579, 680, 702, 921, 381, 482,
501, 457, 670, 792, 369


Within 3 days of this example 381 HIT box as 183 on 2/3/06.

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