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1 Number Guaranteed

If you can correctly select just one of tonight’s winning Pick-3 numbers and play the combinations below you are 100% guaranteed to WIN!!! Heard it before? Well, here it is.

If you are sure that one number is going to hit and it’s not a double, then choose one of the columns below under that number and play all 36 numbers boxed. Each column has all the possible 6 way combinations for that number. 100% guaranteed if no doubles!


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40 Responses to “1 Number Guaranteed”

  • Tom says:

    Please feel free to leave a Comment.
    Together we can really sharpen these Pick 3 Systems!

  • eddie says:

    There is a flaw in the 1 guarantee method that I found in just the first day of using it. I was so sure that a 3 was going to come out that I played all of the numbers in the 3 column and 305 came out. Needless to say, that number is not on that list in the 3 column so I lost. You only need 1 exception to disprove that rule when you use a words like guaranteed every time. If anybody has any feedback, I would love to read it.

    Thank you,


  • rogers says:

    You have really great taste on catch article titles, even when you are not interested in this topic you push to read it

  • clarke says:

    To: Eddie of March 2, 2010 7:18 am —

    Ouch. 305 is not on the chart, but 035 IS. The winning trick with this system is to play each 6-way number BOX. It says so in the instructions, and even at $0.50 BOX, the cost is a whopping $18! Unless you’re POSITIVE the 3 will lead, play box because the only time you can reliably risk a STRAIGHT play is if, say, 3 hasn’t hit in the lead for a long time…maybe 20 draws. If a digit is HOT and turning up nearly every draw, you’d do well to figure it WILL hit in the lead pretty soon IF IT HASN’T ALREADY. Even then, the cost is still $36/draw. So…maybe you should play box, and when you hit, use your winnings to play the HOT digit in the lead until you DO hit straight. Was there a special reason you played 305 straight and not BOX? END

  • Doubtful says:

    Where is the column for zero in this method? Why does the column for 5 have numbers in it other than 5?

  • dmitry says:

    why i n a colomn 2 has rapeat # 127 128 129

  • Great system. Haven’t parsed out the pick 3 lottery system in a while. I use software that helps automate my picks based on my presumptions, but using this chart is pretty snappy as well. Thanks.

  • assclown says:

    look at my name :)

  • Josua says:

    This 3 system is not an efficient winner. Perhaps after three losses in a row unable to pick the single right numbers one will be discourage to use the system. Not even using the box type of play can improve one winning chances. Besides this is an expensive system even if money management is applied to their bets. The guaranteed 1 key digit picking theory makes one believes it works. Picking overdue, hot numbers are easy on the spot with the help of graphing, but confusing. If one prefers this system, then learn to understand the basic idea of hot and cold numbers development.

  • maddog says:

    In the 8 column there is no 389… i think this needs some work…

  • thaddjohn says:

    hey this is the way to beat the odds of this system….and i must say 100%, as long as no double appears for the next draw..but when choosing the # 3 number you thought will show up for the next draw, yes, you want to purchase that entire 3 column at 50ct each, but understand, that other columns has the number 3 also in it if you would look at (all) the columns 0-9 and anything that has a 3 in it, purchase it sure (not) to replay same combination, as several columns share the same combo..good luck

  • Steve says:

    The numbers are in the wrong setup needs to be redone for easier purpose but alright system

  • Roger says:

    In reading…..please tell me where to look to find the ..053?
    I guess I’m blind, I just don’t see it.The #3 columb is devided into 36 boxes, so tell me which box, starting from the top going down. Thank you.

  • 2sharp says:

    This is a great site and the reviews on these “systems” is great for weeding out the “huckaleros” who are merely scamming people out of money! Keep up the good work!

  • Susan says:

    I love the idea of the chart. But, column 3, 4 and 8 are not correct there are several numbers that do not include a 3, 4 or 8 in the correct columns. I wish this chart could be corrected it would be great!

  • Jason says:

    All of the numbers are not right in the columns and the zero column should also be included in the list. This is not a complicated list and it does not guarantee a win in 5 days, because the double numbers come into play and they make up 33% of the hits in a pick-3 lottery system. so 33% of the time you will not hit and if you leave out the zero list you would only add to the non-hit list making your odd about 38% of the time for not hitting and all the while you are spending money losing and not winning. The system is not a full proof of a win. The win amounts are just enough to keep the house winning most of the time, just like the slot machines or the odds at the casinos.
    So, this thing is a losing venture and you will never win more than you bet and in the long run you will have spent more money to play and won less often.

  • ranman17 says:


    How did you know a 3 was coming out. How can anyone know with certainty what single digit will fall. If some one can guarantee me that they have a method for determining with 100% certainty just one of the three digits to be drawn in the next pick 3 draw I can show you how to be wealthy and I am NOT selling ANYTHING! If you share that info I will gladly teach you how to make a lot of money in the pick 3!


  • Mr. says:

    With all due respect, the concept of this P3 system is simple, and the tables should be easy to develop. That said, the errors affecting this system are perplexing.

    As Jason (Oct. 9, 2011) notes, a column headed “O” is missing rendering the system performance 10% deficient from the outset.
    In addition, there are numerous quality control issues in many of the 9 columns displayed.

    In the “3″ column, the combos in rows 3-8 begin with “02x” instead of “03x”. Also in the “3″ column, the combos in rows 10-15 begin with “12x”, instead of “13x”.

    In the “4″ column, the combo in row 1 should read “014″, not “013″, the combo in row 2 should read “024″, not “023″, and the combo in row 9 should read “124″, not “123″.

    In the “5″ column, the combos in rows 31-36 look as though they were copied from the bottom of the “4″ column, and then someone forgot to update them to “5″ combos. In other words, rows 31-36 should start with “5xx”, instead of “4xx”.

  • MisterFixIt says: is an awesome site. I agree with the many others who have appreciated that this site offers many of the systems some chuckleheads are selling for outrageous prices elsewhere on the web. Amazing public service, thank you!!

    With all due respect, the concept of the “1 Number Guaranteed” system is simple, and the tables are easy to develop. That said, there are quite a few errors affecting this system. One hopes that calling attention to these errors will prompt the site managers to fix and re-issue the column listings, as noted below.

    First, as Jason (Oct. 9, 2011) notes, a column headed “O” is missing rendering the entire system 10% deficient from the get-go. In addition, there are numerous quality control issues in many of the remaining 9 columns displayed.

    In the “3″ column, the combos in rows 3-8 begin with “02x” instead of “03x”. Also in the “3″ column, the combos in rows 10-15 begin with “12x”, instead of “13x”.

    In the “4″ column, the combo in row 1 should read “014″, not “013″, the combo in row 2 should read “024″, not “023″, and the combo in row 9 should read “124″, not “123″.

    In the “5″ column, the combos in rows 31-36 look as though they were copied from the bottom of the “4″ column, and then someone forgot to update them to “5″ combos. In other words, rows 31-36 should start with “5xx”, instead of “4xx”.

    In the “8″ column, the combo in row 8 should read “089″, instead of “079″. The combo in row 15 should read “189″, not “179″. The combo in row 21 should read “289″, not “279″. The combo in row 26 should read “389″, not “379″. The combo in row 30 should read “489″, not “479″. The combo in row 33 should read “589″, not “579″. Finally, the combo in row 35 should read “689″, not “679″.

    Given all the errors, I’m not sure how people using this system as their basis for BOXED betting are winning, if they are using these unedited versions of columns 3, 4, 5 and 8, or how satisfied they may be if they are betting without a “0″ column.

  • MisterFixIt says:

    Disregard my first (incomplete) entry–webmaster, please feel free to delete the October 26, 11:18am post, but keep the October 26, 11:54am post.

  • janet d says:

    Great way to make money.

  • pawpaw says:

    This system is to expense. By playing all 36 numbers at .50 ea mid and even you spend 36.00. I know in the state of TN a .50 box pays only 40 bucks. I can’t see myself putting out 40 buck just to get a 4.00 profit. Thanks for the info thou.

  • kelvin says:

    I do believe this one but I have a question how do get one number what method are u using to determine one number from last night number and indicator will tell u that double is not coming out,if I get a system to determine one number then I’ll be able to find this number(1)

  • RICHARD SOB says:


  • xbox says:

    Can anyone help me with figuring out the one key number?

  • Jack says:

    In regards to all the corrections to the table above does anyone know of a correct table for viewing? Thanks in advance.

  • Joshua says:

    To pick the key number just use the most overdue number. Overdue number is easily spot-on. Play in box form. A 50 cents bet per number will cost 18 bucks for 36 numbers. You will have two chances not to lose. 18 + 18 = 36 – 40 = 4. On the third try, double your bet to 36 which pay 80 bucks on winning ticket. So, 36 + 36 = 78 – 80 = 2.

    It is a powerful system to play in box or in straight form only in one or two tries. The one number guaranteed method is expensive to play after the third try.

  • thaddjohn says:

    subtract or add 111 from last winning number..the numbers on the end ,r usually one of yur numbers for the next draw…this narrow your 68 percent of time,,works for singles and doubles combinations

  • Deefer says:

    This one works with patience; eddie above proves you have to follow the instructions: BOX the numbers; here in Florida the repitition of single digits is so dominant that this system works. Like editor of this website has constantly said, do it on paper for awhile, then move in with the money. On this one, have enough capital to lose three times but once you become proficient in figuring out that 1 digit, its 44 bucks easy cash a day on a dollar box. I played on paper for a week, studied the digits and won the first four times in a row. Its important to keep your capital first so you, over time, play with the state’s money. I net 400 a month, not bad for nontaxable revenue.

  • thaddjohn says:

    is there anyone else that’s really proficient at figuring out a- least one numbers for next draw, beside most overdue numbers,or using the 111 subtract or adding method…..any method is gladly appreciated ..please share

  • Chris says:

    So according to the chart, if I choose the number 3 I should play 025, 026, 027, 028, and 029? That makes a lot of sense. 5 includes 476, 478, 469, 478, 479, and 489? This is bullshit. If you’re going to come up with a ridiculous “guaranteed” system, at least get the fucking chart right.

  • This to me takes a bit of practice before being able to master how to pick the number that has the most potential. But then, it is still a game of luck, is it not?

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  • Win D says:

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  • Junko says:

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