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123 workout (Stacks)

One of the oldest Pick 3 lottery systems that has a pretty good hit percentage is the 123 workout. You will start by using the previous number drawn in the Pick 3 lottery. For the purpose of this pick 3 system we will be using the Jan. 11, (914)

Use Pick 3 lottery math rule: When adding or subtracting numbers do not carry.
Example 4+8 = 2 NOT 12

The +1+2+3
First we will add 123 to each of the numbers
1+9 = 0 2+1 = 3 3+4 = 7
First Number = 037

The -1-1-1
Now we will subtract 111 from the number
9-1 = 8 1-1 = 0 4-1 = 3
Second number = 207

The +2+3+5
Now we will be adding 235 to the number
2+9 = 1 3+1 = 4 5+4 = 9
Third number = 149

Now stack each of the numbers to get:


Finally use the Tic Tac Toe (TTT) method to come up with your numbers. Called Tic Tac Toe because it looks like a TTT board.


Pulling your Patterns
The Tic Tac Toe numbers are:

Patterns Combinations Found
Across 037 – 803 – 149
Down 081 – 304 – 739
Diagonal 003 – 107
Diamond 384 – 334
Half Diamond 009 – 701
Corners 803 – 814 – 373 – 394
H Pattern 080 – 180 – 730 – 930
Cross 803 – 804 – 303 – 304

Take out doubles and repeats and you have the following 10 box combinations:
037, 803, 081, 304, 739, 107, 384, 814, 930, 804.

You will also notice I highlighted the next hit as well. Using Pick 3 number 046 on 1/16/06 you get the following stack.
169 (You get from 046 + 123)
935 (You get from 046 – 111)
271 (You get from 046 + 235)

You should be able to just eyeball the stack and see the hits that followed.

1/18/06 – 923
1/19/06 – 395

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281 Responses to “123 workout (Stacks)”

  • hello Tom. In the beginning, I followed the the work out stacks, and the numbers would not come out for me to hit. Something said go back and try again. I realized that I wasn’t adding the 123, 111, 235, the correct way. I finally got my head together, and really concentrated on the 123 stacks method. when I went back and played my pick 3 numbers again, I couldn’t believe how the numbers were just popping out(lol) I’ts just like it is in your stack methods. I’m hitting every 2,3 no later than the 4th day. I hit the 980, 2 or 3 days later I hit the 981, 2 days after that, I hit the 810, I even hit 2 consecutives that came back to back. (765,769,910) which the 765 came right back the same day” WOW” if you don’t believe me, you can go to the archives in the lotto box, at NEW YORK LOTTERY.COM YOU WILL SEE THE NUMBERS THERE. Wasn’t sure to play the same numbers again, but since it repeated from the work out, I said hmmm, what the heck, it’s what came back in the stacks work out, so I played it back again. Thank you sooooo much(smile) now if only I can break them darn win 4 numbers. “HAAY” YOU NEVER KNOW”(smile) WAIT A SEC, DON’T YOU HAVE A METHOD FOR WIN 4 NUMBERS,let me go check(lol) catch you later. Thanks again LOVE YOU, DON’T KNOW YOU, BUT I LUUUUUVVYYYAA(smile)—(A BIGGER ONE). SANDRA WILLIAMS, BROOKLYN NEW YORK.

  • Denise says:

    Hi Tom,
    I don’t have a comment, but more like a question? In the 123 Workout do you suppose to have only 10 box combo or you can have more, once you weed out the doubles and repeats. And you mention that you should be able to eyeball the next hit from the stack…Meanng, just from the combo’s you create the hit is in that stack of numbers.

    Please respond back by email.


  • Randy says:

    In the example below second number as 207, this does not seem to be correct as the second number in the stack below is 803. Please clarify.

    The -1-1-1
    Now we will subtract 111 from the number
    9-1 = 8 1-1 = 0 4-1 = 3
    Second number = 207

    Now stack each of the numbers to get:


  • Randy says:

    Why does the 1/2 Diamond look axactly like the Diagonal and why is 003 one of the numbers in the numbers column for the Diagonal, shouldn’t it be 009?

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  • Cree says:

    If the number was 978 what would my 10 number be I am confused

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