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Alphabet Pyramids

Go back about a week in your Pick 3 lottery and take an inventory on all the digits that have come up in any position. From the sample I randomly chose the block of numbers highlighted (Yellow) below.


Just write the number of times each digit showed next to the numbers.


Sort the order so that the digits that came up the most are associated with the first letters of the alphabet.
A, B, C…etc. When you get two or more that with the same number, put the oldest one first…reading from the top left digit in the history.


Now set up an alphabet pyramid like the one below


Replace the letters with the ordered digits.


Pull your combinations from the following groups.



Now play these 15 box combinations for the next week.


Within the next week there were 3 hits. 943, 634 and 957.

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Please feel free to leave a Comment.
Together we can really sharpen these Pick 3 Systems!

9 Responses to “Alphabet Pyramids”

  • Tom says:

    Please feel free to leave a Comment.
    Together we can really sharpen these Pick 3 Systems!

  • Kyle says:

    Hi -
    I got lost at the point where you ranked the numbers which appeared twice in the history. For example, 9-7-8 & 0 all appeared twice. So if I take the oldest numbers first I would be working from the oldest hit (046) and work my way up to the most recent result (086)to locate the positioning for the pyramid. If that is correct the pyramid would be 3-4-6-0-8-7-9-2-1
    Please explain how you ranked 9-7-8-0-2-1
    I must be missing something as I can’t it.

  • EL ZORRO says:

    it’s work very well in NY rigth now 02/18/2010
    I have 2 hits in two days.
    984 and 539
    it’s hot now.

  • EL ZORRO says:


  • maey says:

    this site is great .how about some pick 4 game

  • clarkee nyc says:

    What do you do when several digits hit the same number of times? Are they then interchangeable? For instance, in your example 9 7 8 and 0 all hit twice, and you labelled them
    D 9
    E 7
    F 8
    G 0.
    Could you just as easily have labelled them
    G 9
    E 8
    F 0
    D 7?
    And how would this have changed the resulting wins? This method also doesn’t take into account the dormant digit that
    just returned. In your example, 0 is a low scorer because it’s
    been dormant, but it’s very likely to reappear any draw now, then hit nearly every day. If you leave it low on the pyramid, you stand to lose big time. I tested with the last week of May 2010. Sorry results.

  • Arden Ing says:

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  • laura says:

    when using the alphabet pyramids , do i use day and evening draw? when i go back a week

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