In the Pick 3 lottery, Similar to the Vtracs (see Vtracs for more), Sister Numbers are the opposite of the number (or the +5 of the number)


Sister Numbers:

0’s Sister number is 5 / and / 5’s Sister number is 0
1’s Sister number is 6 / and / 6’s Sister number is 1
2’s Sister number is 7 / and / 7’s Sister number is 2
3’s Sister number is 8 / and / 8’s Sister number is 3
4’s Sister number is 9 / and / 9’s Sister number is 4

Look for the Sister Numbers to show as the ACTUAL Pick 3 lottery numbers in the next draw.

If you are looking for a way to play just one number a night, Sister Numbers are a good bet. Remembering that Sisters are the +5 take the previous draw that hit, makes it easy to just add 5 (Pick 3 Lottery Math) to each digits while in a store or at the counter.

Sister Number Charting


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