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Vtrac Sums

Vtracs numbers are 1-5 and actual Pick 3 lottery numbers are 0-9. Therefore, to translate actual Pick 3 lottery numbers into vtracs you must combine numbers.


Vtrac sums are the totals for the Vtracs in each position. For example if the number is 528 then the Vtrac is 134. The sum is 1+3+4 = 8. The sums that fall the most are sums 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11.

Track your history to discover a pattern in your state.

This following sheet is very useful when playing your numbers. It gives you all of the various combinations of numbers associated with its particular Vtrac.

Vtrac Sum7 (32 numbers boxed)
vtrac 124 vtrac 115 vtrac 223 vtrac 133
013-568 004-559 112-667 022-577
018-518 009-554 162-612 027-527
063-563 054-509 167-617 522-077
068-513 059-504 117-662 572-072

Vtrac Sum8 (32 numbers boxed)
vtrac 125 vtrac 134 vtrac 224 vtrac 332
014-569 023-578 113-668 221-776
064-519 028-528 163-618 271-726
019-564 073-573 168-613 226-771
069-514 078-523 118-663 276-721

Vtrac Sum9 (40 numbers boxed)
vtrac 135 vtrac 225 vtrac 234 vtrac 441 vtrac 333
024-579 114-669 123-678 330-885 222-777
074-529 164-619 128-673 380-835 227-772
079-524 119-664 173-628 335-880 272-727
029-574 169-614 178-623 385-830 277-722

Vtrac Sum10 (32 numbers boxed)
vtrac 145 vtrac 334 vtrac 442 vtrac 523
034-589 223-778 331-886 421-976
084-534 273-728 381-836 471-926
039-584 228-773 336-881 426-971
089-539 278-723 386-831 476-921
Vtrac Sum11 (32 numbers boxed)
vtrac 335 vtrac 245 vtrac 443 vtrac 551
224-779 134-689 332-887 440-995
274-729 139-684 382-837 490-945
229-774 184-639 337-882 445-990
279-724 189-634 387-832 495-940

Now below is the basic tracking for the Vtrac Sums. First, you should notice the pattern emerging in the sums column with respects to repeating sums (Red circles).


This happens frequently however not enough to justify it as a serious Pick 3 lottery  system . BUT taken a step further in the next chart, and you will see a more profitable pattern starting to emerge.


Example: on 1/22/06 above, vtrac 142 hit. This has a sum of 7 (one of the hot vtrac sums). The next Pick 3 lottery game you would play vtrac 142, which from the chart above

Vtrac 124

On 1/23/06 185 HIT.

Now the chart, tracks the history of January 06 and there you can see that there were 3 hits using this Pick 3 lottery system and 13 misses. Since you are only playing 8 numbers the damages are low when the misses hit. But as you can see, the chart above tracked another week into February and had 2 more hits immediately!

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10 Responses to “Vtrac Sums”

  • Tom says:

    Please feel free to leave a Comment.
    Together we can really sharpen these Pick 3 Systems!

  • payday loans says:

    I want to thank the blogger very much not only for this post but also for his all previous efforts. I found to be very interesting. I will be coming back to for more information.

  • clarke nyc says:

    I don’t understand. If a hot VTRAC hits, we’re supposed to play the same VTRAC (rather, the numbers represented by that VTRAC) again in the next draw? How often does a hot VTRAC re-occur? For example, if hot VTRACs hit 50 times out of 100 draws, how often does the winning VTRAC repeat in the next draw? 30 times out of those 50 hits? 20 times? Does that percentage vary greatly from state to state? I ask because I see an awful lot of misses (gray squares) on the above chart…way more than I see arrows pointing out winners.

  • katherine says:

    Question: the vtrac sum of a number and a lottery sum of a number are they the same? Example 335 sum is 11. would I find 335 under sum 11 vtrac?

  • lillie say says:

    i have try to figure the vtra pick 3it need narrow justa litte bitmore also the pick4 system need to do asystem tonarrow down the num for abettery unmberstand

  • Sherita says:

    Excellent explanation of Vtrac sums and tracking. I will be utilizing this in my workout! Thank you!

  • eagerlywaiting4u says:

    Why would we be playing the vtrac number(i.e. 8 numbers) and not the group of numbers represented by the vtrac sum for the next draw?

  • Anonymous says:

    Why would we be playing the vtrac number(i.e. 8 numbers) and not the group of numbers represented by the vtrac sum for the next draw?

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